About Me

A computer engineering/science student, tech enthusiast & an open-source advocate.

Having a do-it-yourself type of personality, I like taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and building from the ground up.

A straight forward person with a statistical mentality and a solid user of the scientific method.

I believe in freedom and liberty for all, and support the human endeavour in pushing the limits of our knowledge and capabilities.

What I Do

Aside from spending time at university, I devote lots of the remaining working on code, learning, creating and modifying.

I publish everything I write on my Github account, mainly under open-source licenses for everyone to use and benefit from.

I also like blogging, I started a techlog last year, fed it some content I care about. I intend to get back to it whenever personal and academic life allows.

Where I See Myself

NASA, SpaceX or where-ever the boundaries of humanity can be expanded.

I always wanted to go to space, and although I'd pretty much like doing just that, I'd also appreciate the chance to help others achieve our shared goal.