Have you been stuck in the previous decade when it comes to digital life?
Well I have.
I had made DVD disks my main backup media for the past 7-8 years, never changed or wavered until a while back.
The trouble of burning to disks, scaning files to databases, looking for them, finding the right disk, and then
copying the file back only to find that it had been scratched, made be convinced it’s not worth it.
Time has come to move to Backup on drive, but what do you do with the scratched disks?
Well, some say you should use information retrieval software.
While that may work, you might consider a different approach.
When it comes to Video Disks, a small scratch can take hours to try and recover from, with no avail,
only to find that the scratch deleted just a few kilo-bytes that honestly don’t affect a large video file.

So, What to do?
Skip the Scratch all together!!!

to do that we need a little tool called “safecopy”.

it can be downloaded from terminal like this :
$ sudo apt-get install safecopy  
here is an example of using it :
$ safecopy --stage=1 /media/USER/DISK/VIDEO /media/USER/DRIVE/VIDEO

now let’s explain the parameters:

--stage=1 : tells which retrieval stage to opt for, 1 is the stage that skips scratches.
/media/USER/DISK/VIDEO the absolute path to the video file on DVD
/media/USER/DRIVE/VIDEO the absolute path to the video file on drive