Have you ever been in a situation where you dropped your phone?

Have you ever hit “rm -rf” by mistake?

Of course you did! everyone does. but what not everyone doesn’t, and what they honestly should is BACKUP!!!

the thing about backing up is that it’s expensive and hard to achieve securely.

in order to lower the cost, backup essential files.

and When it comes to ease and security, you need a cross platform encrypted scheme.

one of few schemes available is the Luks Encryption Scheme.

I’m gonna show you how to implement this on Android & Linux.

Let’s start off with Android, There is a little app called Luks Manager that manages Luks Containers.

It Creates/Deletes Containers. Mounts and Unmounts them.

The creation process is pretty simple :

  • create.
  • select where to put the container.
  • name the volume(container).
  • choose a password.
  • choose size. be careful, it’s a fixed size.
  • choose the file system, now this depends on where you want to open the container later, I want linux, so I went with ext2.

Now let’s open this container on linux!!!

copy the volume file, let’s say you named it stuff, it should be called stuff.vol, to your linux machine.

we need a small tool called cryptsetup.

install it:
$ sudo apt-get install cryptsetup
open the container:
$ sudo cryptsetup luksOpen stuff.vol stuff

luksOpen mounts stuff.vol and maps it to /dev/mapper/stuff
and it appears in the file manager as a partition.
to unmount it, right click on it and hit unmount.